Construction Excavation – For Residential Excavation And Commercial Projects

Construction excavation is sometimes a requirement for commercial or residential projects depending on the condition of the land or site for the proposed project. Often, this can necessitate clearing trees from the land, removing soil, and leveling the ground. There is a high degree of expertise that is required to minimize risk and perform job requirements following specifications. Construction excavation services fulfill a need in the market for specialized services that can provide the necessary expertise to cater to excavation needs.

The role of construction excavation services is to provide the necessary heavy-duty removal equipment together with an awareness and understanding of the potential risks that are inherent in the excavation job. Sometimes the proposed excavation is within proximity to direct-buried power lines, underground sprinklers, sanitary sewers, or driveway lighting. The role of the construction excavation contractor is to design an appropriate solution to get the job completed without causing damage or disruption to the existing services or structures.

Several different services can encompass construction excavation. There following will provide some insight into the types of services performed by an excavation company.
Land that requires clearing is often densely populated with forestry or timber. Excavation services provide heavy-duty tree removal equipment to cut down trees, clear away the debris and remove tree stumps. This usually includes the disposal of waste produced from the job. If logging is involved, it might also include timber appraisals or timber purchasing.

When existing structures such as buildings occupy the land, construction excavation can entail the removal of building to clear the way for new development. This can include structural removal, demolition work, extraction, and concrete breakout. Ultimately the land clearing paves the way for new developments.

Large land subdivisions often require service roads to provide access to land or housing developments. Construction excavation can work in tandem with developers to provide the necessary access to produce road or driveway needs. This can include crowning and the carrying of all base materials and culverts to meet the road or access way needs.

Excavation services can also assist with natural lake or waterway features. Whether you’re looking to expand an existing lake or develop a new one, construction excavation can excavate a lake to your specifications. This involves the removal of dirt to modify the topography of your property for visual or practical purposes and the construction of drainage or runoff to control erosion or to direct water for storage.

Construction excavation can also deliver materials to provide filler, topsoil, or gravel per job requirements.